Dutch organic fresh milk

We bring our organic and fresh Dutch milk to the homes of families across the entire world!
In the early 1970’s, the van Rouwendaal familiy started a dairy in a small Dutch village called Leusden. The farmers worked round-the-clock to produce and deliver only the best-tasting, fresh, organic, and nutritious milk to many Dutch families.
Almost half a century later, this farm has grown from only 25 cows to become the largest organic dairy producer in the Netherlands. Today, we want to share the amazing taste and flavour of our milk not only with our neighbours, but also with you! We are incredibly proud that we took the opportunity to reach beyond borders to bring our milk from the Dutch countryside to the homes of families across the entire globe.

Hendrika is a Dutch-belted who hails from Friesland but lives and works outside Rotterdam. She has been with the company for eleven years. She enjoys long hours of unrestricted grazing and is thrilled to work alongside her daughter Bella.


Our cows graze outdoors on organic pastures and enjoy naturally grown feed, like grass, clover and meadow herbs.

Our land

Is free from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Our farmers

Are committed to the wellbeing of their cows and sustainable farming.